Astor PERFECT STAY żel eye liner

Astor PERFECT STAY Waterproof Gel Eyeliner is resistannedt to moisture and high temperatures.

This eyeliner remains immovable on the eyelid throughout the day, offering a smooth finish with an intense color and a magnificent durability.

It has a novel and delicate brush that facilitates its application, gliding subtly on the eyelid and guaranteeing a total precision in the stroke.

In addition, its color pigments are intensified thanks to its gel texture, enlarging and enhancing our eyes firmly.

This pack includes 2 eyeliners.
Tips for a simple, precise and symmetrical application:

- On the clean and toned skin of the upper eyelid, apply an eye base, and otherwise translucent powder, to eliminate the excess of fat.

- If you are going to apply eyeshadow, do it before the eyeliner.

- Avoid applying the eyeliner in a single stroke to ensure a precise line. Draw small dots on the upper line of the eyelashes keeping the same space between them.

- Then, join these points in a thin line by short and quick strokes. If there is some space left between, refill it.

- Draw the eye corner to continue with the lash line. It can be more pronounced or discreet, depending on the style.

- Finally, apply the mascara to deepen your look and finish the makeup.
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