Biotherm BLUE THERAPY accelerated cream

Anti aging cream & anti wrinkle treatment - Antioxidant treatment cream

BLUE THERAPY Accelerated Cream by Biotherm. A regenerating anti-age treatment suitable for all skin types.

This facial cream has been enriched with the Algae of Eternal Youth to repair and prevent the appearance of signs of premature aging. Day after day, fine lines and wrinkles disappear, leaving behind a soft, smooth, luminous and totally revitalized skin.

In addition, it helps reduce dark spots and improve the firmness and remodeling of the contours, offering a complete and advanced rejuvenating treatment.

Its rich and ultra-nourishing texture is rapidly absorbed, immediately penetrating the skin without leaving a feeling of heaviness or oiliness.

This cream is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Paraben free.
Miedzy 26 i 35 lat / Miedzy 36 i 50 lat
Typ Skóry
Wszystkie Rodzaje Skóry
Dzien / Noc
Bez Parabenów
Its main components include:

Life Plankton™, which revitalizes the skin's basic functions.
Apply in the morning to clean and toned face and neck, and gently massage in with an upwards motion.
This cream is recommended for all skin types after the age of 35. To enhance effects for best results, we recommend its combination with other products from the BLUE THERAPY range.

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