Clarins PMG lotion tonique

Clarins TONING LOTION with Iris is an alcohol-free lotion for mixed skin or oily skin.

It perfectly complements the daily cleansing: is perfect to eliminate until the last rest of makeup or of the previous remover makeup.

It leaves the skin untainted, absolutely radiant, strengthens and minimizes pores, while contributing to the appearance of brightness throughout the day.

It does not dry out and prepares the skin for the subsequent treatments, such as serum or creams, so that the skin can absorb all their properties. Perfect for daily use, morning and night. Without rinsing.
Typ Skóry
Mieszana / Tlusta
Bez Alkoholu
3380810033694 / 3380810033663
Enriched with aloe vera, purifying Iris and Sage extracts, which tone and tighten pores while gently removing every last trace of cleanser.
Toner application is the last step of the correct daily cleansing. It helps to improve the absorption of the products applied later and eliminates residue that the cleanser has not managed to eliminate.
Apply with a cotton pad over clean face.
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