Lancaster AFTER SUN tan maximizer soothing moisturizer


AFTER SUN Tan Maximizer Soothing by Lancaster. This iconic after-sun ultra-smooth moisturizer is quickly absorbed by face and body, instantly soothing skin exposed to the sun and provides immediate comfort after application.

This after-sun lotion helps to prolong the tan for up to a month thanks to its new formula which has tanning repair and prolonging properties.

In addition, its main components include Heliosoma, an exclusive Lancaster tanning activation complex which intervenes in the skin's recovery process stimulating melanin production.
Typ Skóry
Wszystkie Rodzaje Skóry
3614220274201 / 3614220274263
Apply sunscreen evenly over the body and face about 40 minutes before sun exposure. In addition, it should be reapplied after bathing or when perspiring, and also periodically, every 45 minutes approximately.

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