Paese BLUSH WITH ARGAN OIL is a long-lasting blush enriched with argan oil that prevents dryness. It helps to pronounce and highlight our cheekbones, providing a nice touch of color with vitality, energy and freshness.

In addition, its formula is rich in vitamins and nourishing components that does not dry out the skin and prevents color cracking, keeping it intact for long hours.

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Main components:

· Argan oil, with moisturizing and nourishing properties.

· Vitamins A, C and E, antioxidant sources that keep the skin young for longer.
This product vitalizes the face providing freshness and energy. The following steps are recommended for its correct application:

- Choose the blush tone that best suits your skin: white skins should opt for pink or peach tones, and brown skins for orange and brown tones.

- It is the last step of your makeup routine. Rub the brush with circular movements in the blush. Remove the excess product by a gentle touch on the brush or simply blowing on it.

- Show your best smile, since cheekbones are highlighted with this gesture. Apply blush in the accented area with ascending movements.

- Apply a thin layer of powder to fix it.

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