Senscience SENSCIENCE smooth shampoo

Anti frizz shampoo

SENSCIENCE Smooth Shampoo. A shampoo for daily use, specifically designed to improve the manageability of the most undisciplined hair.

This shampoo has a gentle and effective cleaning effect on the hair and scalp, leaving it free from any type of impurity and/or residue.

In addition, its formula improves the smoothness and manageability of the most rebellious hair, giving it total control.

The result is healthy, smooth hair with improved texture and improved discipline.
Typ Wlosów
Rodzaj wlosów / Grube
0074469483988 / 0074469484206
Among its main ingredients we highlight:

· Soy extract.

· Silicone.

· Guar Gum.

All of them work inside the fibre towards the outside to strengthen and repair the fibre structure.
This shampoo is intended for the care of stubborn hair.

For greater effectiveness, we recommend the use of complementary products from the same treatment line.
Massage the product into damp hair with your fingers until it lathers. Start by touching the scalp and proceed to rub the middle and ends.

Once finished, rinse with plenty of warm or cold water (never too hot as it dries out the hair fibre). Finally, apply the usual conditioner.

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