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Trendy Hair ELASTIC KERATIN with ginseng

Hair moisturizer treatment

Trendy Hair
ELASTIC KERATIN with Ginseng by Trendy Hair. A revolutionary hair hydration treatment based on pure Keratin, with rejuvenating and repairing properties.

This hair treatment has created a total upheaval in the world of fashion and catwalks, as its beautifying results can be seen instantly. An intensive shine and nutrition therapy that has a rejuvenating effect on hair and scalp in just 7 minutes.

After this short period of time, this product is able to remove excess chemical products, create a protective film on the fibre, stimulate growth, provide infinite shine, eliminate frizz, enhance its manageability and fill it with ease.

In addition, it also has healing and healing properties as it is ideal for treating trichoptilosis, eliminating hair porosity.

A multitude of unique, unique, unrivalled and exclusive aesthetic and treatment benefits offered by Trendy Hair.
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Among its components we highlight:

· Pure Keratin, which helps to hydrate the hair.

· Ginseng, which gently peels the hair to restore it.

· Perfume with Vitamin E, with rejuvenating properties.
This treatment can be used for all hair types.

For greater effectiveness, we recommend the use of complementary products from the same treatment line.
Wash hair and remove excess weture with a towel. Then mix the contents of the 2 single doses in a non-metallic bowl until a homogeneous emulsion is obtained.

Then, apply the mixture on the hair strand by strand with the help of a brush (like a dye) and leave it on for 7 minutes.

Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and leave to dry, preferably in the open air.

The frequency of use of this treatment is once every 15-30 days, depending on the needs of the hair.

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