Biotherm HOMME DAY CONTROL 72h anti-transpirant non-stop roll-on


Biotherm HOMME DAY CONTROL is a range of male deodorants that provide daily protection preventing odors with a long-lasting effect (from 24 to 72 h).

The SMART PROTECTO TECHNOLOGY™ technology keeps the area completely dry, avoiding excessive perspiration and with a feeling of comfort throughout the day.

In also minimizes the development of bacteria and improves moisture in the armpit area.

Thanks to their soothing components these deodorants respect the most sensitive skins reducing the appearance of irritations and redness.

This range is available in spray, roll-on and stick formats.
Typ Skóry
Wszystkie Rodzaje Skóry
It contains aluminium salts and perlite, which work to minimize bacterial development and reduce underarm moisture.
A good hygiene is recommended to avoid the bad odors produced by perspiration. After successful cleansing is important to keep areas prone to sweating very dry to prevent bacterial growth
Apply every day on clean and dry armpit. Let to dry completely before dressing.

Biotherm - HOMME DAY CONTROL 72h anti-transpirant non-stop roll-on - Opinii

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