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Estée Lauder BEAUTIFUL

Eau de Parfum spray dla kobieta


Beautiful by Estée Lauder is an “Eau de Parfum” for women, with floral notes. This perfume includes a large floral catalogue, which takes us on a journey through a totally flowered garden, where wonderful smell combines to create an atmosphere of calm, peace and harmony. This fragrance was created in 1985 by perfumers Sophia Grojsmand and Bernard Chant. In the 80s, the latest trend in women's fragrances were floral notes, and this perfume is completely patent. This setting defines a romantic and passionate woman, who lives in perfect balance and has a natural sensuality, which is enhanced by this perfume. As for her awakening, a floral bouquet inebriates us from start to finish, a bouquet of freshness flowers, full of vitality and tenderness, among which we can highlight rose, lily, mimosa, magnolia, carnation and narcissus. Although these are the protagonists of this essentially maintain a perfect balance with sweet, slightly wood notes that contribute to this perfume extreme sensuality as vanilla, musk and amber.

LOVE AND PASSION. This time they go hand in hand thanks to this fragrance. Beautiful creates a trace of romance and desire around us, of which it is very difficult to escape.

THE CUTEST. The main aim at the creation of this perfume, was to create an essence that, with it, each woman will feel the most beautiful in the room and shine. We can say that the goal was achieved.

CREATING THE MOST DIFFICULT. Beautiful is considered as an emanation of sensuality and seduction within the company Este Lauder.
Grupy Olfaktoryczne
Data Wydania
Sophia Grojsman & Bernard Chant
0027131086857 / 0027131086871 / 0027131086864
Olfactory family: Floral.

Top notes: Blackcurrant, fruity notes, cassia, galbanum, bergamot, lemon, rose, mandarin and amaryllis.

Middle notes: Mimosa, magnolia, carnation, tuberose, orange blossom, chamomile, daffodil, fresia, lilac, jasmine, rose violet, sage, neroli, Marigold, ylang-ylang, Lily of the valley and geranium.

Base notes: Sandalwood, musk, vanilla, vetiver, cedar and amber.

Beautiful is a floral fragrance belonging to the family. Because of its scent notes, it is intended for daily use and for special occasions in any season. It is long-lasting and good projection that remains intact all day long. This fragrance is recommended for women over 40 years old, romantic and coquettish lovers of mimosas.


To prolong the scent longer, apply your fragrance to your wrists and behind the earlobe. These areas pulse having a temperature above the rest of the body, and this will help the fragrance to evaporate slower. Avoid spraying perfume onto your clothes as it can stain, damage and alter certain fabrics. To prolong the scent of the fragrance, we recommend using products from the same range as shower gel, body lotions or deodorants.


Protect your fragrance from direct sunlight and heat, otherwise it could alter the composition of the fragrance and escape.

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