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Lancaster 365 SKIN REPAIR serum youth renewal

Anti aging cream & anti wrinkle treatment

Lancaster 365 SKIN REPAIR is a serum that keeps the youth reactivated on the skin 365 days a year. This treatment acts directly on the causes of aging, whether biological or environmental.

Its formula, suitable for all skin types, slows cellular aging to offer a young, fresh, soft and smooth skin while acting on the damage caused to DNA and creating a barrier of protection. It also reactivates the memory cell. An elixir of youth that repairs in depth those deteriorations caused by the environmental factors suffered day to day. Do not let stress and pollution take their toll on your skin!

After its continued use and in just 4 weeks the results are amazing: the skin looks smooth, vitalized and luminous.
Miedzy 36 i 50 lat / Powyzej 50 lat
Typ Skóry
Wszystkie Rodzaje Skóry
Dzien i Noc
3614220378015 / 3614220377865 / 3614223512447
The latest generation formula of the 365 SKIN REPAIR line covers three main actions:

· Repairs, thanks to an exclusive patented liposome that incorporates 4 enzymes.

· Protects, due to a powerful antioxidant complex enriched with Physalis.

· Prolongs youth, with an epigenetic complex based on natural active ingredients.
Recommended for women from 35 onwards, all skin types. Combine it with other 365 SKIN REPAIR products or other Lancaster treatment for better results.
Use 3 drops, morning and night, after cleansing and balancing the skin.

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