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Laura Biagiotti LAURA

Eau de Toilette spray dla kobieta


Laura by Laura Biagiotti is a “Eau de Toilette“ for women with a subtle floral air. For this perfume, we can only speak of delicacy and softness, Laura is a sigh full of romanticism, a caress full of love, a velvety veil that rests on our naked skin, Laura is love of the true.

This fragrance, created in 1994, immerses us in a crystalline pond, with its calm water, waved by the same breeze that sways the petals of the water lilies that rest on it. A picturesque image, as if it were a watercolor canvas, delicate and romantic, a landscape full of love and light, which invites us to express our feelings and to shout to the world how much we love life.

Its olfactory pyramid creates a perfect harmony between three groups of elements: fruity, floral and woody. A masterful fusion in which the softness of the flowers that compose it stands out, and shows us hints of sensuality and mystery coming from the woody notes. Highlights include watermelon, plums, violet, jasmine, vanilla, and cedar.

DELICATE SPRINGS. Join the journey this fragrance offers us. On a spring day, under the rays of the sun, a pond, water lilies and a few chirping birds, moments of comfort and escape, created by our mind just to inspire the essence of this perfume.

LET YOUR HEART RUN AWAY WITH YOU. Laura, identifies women who trust in the judgment of their heart, leaving aside the rational, and firmly believing in the emotional.

CLASSIC GIFT. This perfume has been in the world of perfumery for more than two decades, becoming a classic, so we can choose it as a gift idea for women of simple, refined and traditional tastes.
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Olfactory family: Floral.

Top notes: Lychee, plum, green notes, peach, bergamot, Aquatic melon and Brazilian rosewood.

Middle notes: Cyclamen, lily, violet, fresia, jasmine, orchid, Lily of the valley and rose.

Base notes: Sandalwood, amber, musk, vanilla, vetiver and cedar.

Laura is a floral fragrance. With its scent features, it is a suitable choice for any time of day, and especially for Spring and summer. It has a highly subtle scent which is kept alive on the skin for many hours. This fragrance is recommended for women 30 to 60 years old.


To prolong the scent longer, apply your fragrance to your wrists and behind the earlobe. These areas pulse having a temperature above the rest of the body, and this will help the fragrance to evaporate slower. Avoid spraying perfume onto your clothes as it can stain, damage and alter certain fabrics. To prolong the scent of the fragrance, we recommend using products range as shower gel, body lotions or deodorants.


Protect your fragrance from direct sunlight and heat, otherwise it could alter the composition of the fragrance and escape.

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