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Biotherm HOMME T-PUR anti-oil & shine lotion

Face toner

T-PUR ANTI-OIL & SHINE Lotion by Biotherm Homme, a purifying mattifying lotion which reduces pores.

Factors such as humidity, warm seasons, strenuous work or an oily skin all create an accumulation of shine, sweat and sebum which is a widespread concern among men.

This lotion mattifies skin, eliminating shine and reducing the size of the pores while reducing the sensation of moisture through sweating. Thanks to its formula, skin stays clean much longer, without sweat or the accumulation of impurities, without shine and very fresh.

Its light gel texture makes it perfect for daily application, suitable for all skin types and without parabens.
Typ Skóry
Among its active ingredients are marine algae and zinc, which help to mattify and control sebum production.
Recommended for very shiny or oily skin after the age of 18. For best results, use together with other products from the Biotherm Homme T-PUR line.

Biotherm - HOMME T-PUR anti-oil & shine lotion - Opinii

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