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Biotherm HOMME T-PUR anti-oil & shine purifiying cleanser

Facial cleanser

T-PUR anti-oil & shine purifiying cleanser by BIOTHERM HOMME is a daily skin care for men.

There are several factors linked to the appearance of facial shine: periods of stress, high temperatures, humidity or oily skin. For this reason it is very important to perform a correct facial cleansing. Biotherm Homme presents this facial cleanser with purifying properties.

It performs a deep cleansing without damaging or drying the skin, eliminates any type of impurity, unclogs pores and neutralizes excess fat to guarantee a mattified and totally balanced complexion.

It has a rich micro-granulated texture that performs a light exfoliation. Suitable for mixed and/or oily skin.
Typ Skóry
Mieszana / Tlusta
Its main active ingredients are:

· Anti-bacterial sea algae extract und zinc, which regulate sebum and with absorbing mineral perlite to master humidity excess.
Suitable for men over 18 with mixed and/or oily skin.

Combine it with other Biotherm Homme products for best results.
After cleansing, put small amount on your fingers or on a cotton pad. Apply on your face, insisting on forehead, nose and chin. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Biotherm - HOMME T-PUR anti-oil & shine purifiying cleanser - Opinii

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