Mavala CUTICLE CARE cuticle remover

Cuticle remover

Mavala CUTICLE CARE is a treatment that softens the nail contour to easily remove cuticles.

This treatment helps to improve the appearance of cuticles, since it facilitates their elimination and the removal of any dead skin to show off a perfect manicure and well-maintained hands.

Importannedt! Do not apply the product if the nail contour is damaged, as it could pronounce more these sensitizations.
This product contains alkali, therefore eye contact must be avoided because it may cause blindness.
This treatment must be done on clean and dry nails. Apply on the cuticles and leave for 1 minute. Then, push and remove with an appropriate tool, covered with cotton.

Do not perform this process with a metal accessory, as it may damage the nail matrix and be born damaged or broken.

Wash your hands with soap and water and start the usual manicure routine.

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