Shiseido BODY CREATOR aromatic bust firming complex

Breast cream & treatments

Shiseido AROMATIC BUST FIRMING COMPLEX is a rich and silky cream that brings light and firmness to the bust and neck.

Its pleasant and delicate formula retexturizes the skin, smoothing and firming it, at the same time that gives all the radiance lost by the passage of time and returns its total elasticity creating a visible lifting effect.

It has an exclusive fragrance, which invites to live a new sensory experience. It is developed with tea rose, peach, jasmine and lilac water. It enhances the feeling of comfort, soothing and relaxation. Dermatologically tested.
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Its main active ingredients are:

· Natto extract, with firming properties.

· Marine algae, which restore the smoothness of the skin's texture.
It is recommended to apply once daily, on any type of skin.

If you also worry about other problems related to body skin, we recommend other products from the BODY CREATOR line, all created to meet all your possible needs.
After bathing or showering, apply on neck and bust with a soft circular massage. Inspire deeply the aroma of its aromacológica fragrance to perceive all its relaxing effects.

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