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Sisley PHYTO LIP twist

Lip balm

Sisley PHYTO LIP Twist is a balm that combines the best of the lipstick and gloss to provide hydration, voluptuousness and a touch of vibrant color.

This lip balm has a creamy and pleasant texture for a total comfort, eliminating after use any sign of dryness or tightness.

It also offers a nice colorful touch with bright finish and has a wide range: from nude tones dyed by warmth to daring red and fuchsia tones.

Because of its size, it does not need sharpening. Wear a colorful smile, with volume and bright thanks to PHYTO LIP Twist!
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Main active ingredients:

· Commipheroline, that smoothes the lips and contours.

· Phytosqualane, that emolliates and moisturizes maintaining the skin suppleness.
Lip gloss can be used in any type of makeup. They provide softness and shine, favoring from the most natural to the most sophisticated look.

They can be applied alone or with the lippstick to provide a juicy touch.

Tip: apply lip gloss in the center of the lip for a visual effect of more volume.

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