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Clarins DOUBLE SÉRUM traitement complet anti-âge intensif

Anti aging cream & anti wrinkle treatment

Clarins DOUBLE Serum for all skin types acts on the aging signs. It is characterized by its biphasic formula that combines a lipid phase and a hydric phase. Created with 20 natural components, it incorporates in its new formulation the elixir of youth to offer a renewed, young and radiant skin.

This serum acts on the 5 skin vital functions: moisture, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and cellular regeneration in order to restore its levels. After use, a soft and smooth skin can be seen, with a perfectly unified tone and a redefined facial oval. The face is subjected to a stimulus of youth and vitality.

Its soft texture instantly melts on the skin and has a rapid absorption without leaving a greasy or sticky effect. Dermatologically tested. Not comedogenic.
Miedzy 36 i 50 lat / Powyzej 50 lat
Typ Skóry
Wszystkie Rodzaje Skóry
Dzien i Noc
3380810149661 / 3380810149678 / 3380810426922
It consists of 20 natural components, the most prominent are:

· Banana, avocado, kiwi, red jania and cocoa extracts. In addition, it also has a novel ingredient:

· Turmeric, a spice with an incredible antioxidant power, that optimizes cellular communication.
This product is suitable for women from 40 onwards, all skin types.

Combine this product with other Clarins facial treatment products for optimal results.
Apply every morning and night before the cream treatment after cleansing and balancing the skin. Massage with soft, circular motions until completely absorbed.

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