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Guerlain LE CRAYON YEUX khôl contour waterproof

Eyeliner pencils

Guerlain LE CRAYON Yeux is the essential complement that will enhance the intensity of your look.

Its ultra smooth texture makes a perfectly defined stroke that will bring intensity and strength to our eyes.

Use it to delineate or to make smoky eyes quickly and easily with a completely professional finish.

Its durable and waterproof formula is made to withstannedd tears and high temperatures, so makeup will remain intact without the need for retouching.

It includes a pencil sharpener for a great precision.
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It is made with rich waterproof pigments.
Tips for a simple, precise and symmetrical application:

- On the clean and toned skin of the upper eyelid, apply an eye base, and otherwise translucent powder, to eliminate the excess of fat.

- Slightly tilt your head back and keep your eyes half-open during application, so you can see the result in the mirror.

- Start with the upper eyelid. Draw a line from the lacrimal to the external angle of the eye. If you are looking for a more natural finish, you can blur the line with a brush.

- The application will be reversed in the lower eyelid: from the external angle towards the lacrimal, always following the eyelashes line.

- Finally, apply the mascara to deepen your look.

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